4TU NIRICT 2017 Symposium on Empathic Technologies

Design Lab, University of Twente

Friday, May 19, 2017


“Empathic Computing” research aims at utilizing ICT to design systems that unobtrusively detect negative affective states and act upon them in order to relieve the user in a way comparable to fellow humans. Our goal is to collect under the umbrella of Empathic Computing researchers interested in generating new knowledge in the fields of affective computing, computer vision, user modeling, sensors, wearables, internet of things, human-computer/robot/media interaction and ambient intelligence, towards the creation of empathic, caring systems.

To stimulate this we recently started a 4TU. NIRICT project on Empathic Lighting, as one application area in this field. In particular, we focus on combining insights from computational intelligence, user modeling, personalization, human-computer interaction, psychology and industrial design to create lighting installations that can adapt to and positively influence people’s affective states in an empathic way. Technical development is closely intertwined with understanding the users’ needs and values such as autonomie, wellbeing and privacy though empirical research.

To gain better insights in the success – and the potential pitfalls – of collaborative research projects in the area of empathic computing, we organise a symposium on Empathic Technologies at the DesignLab at the University of Twente, on the 19th of May, 2017. During the symposium researchers from different backgrounds will present their perspectives and work together towards a roadmap for empathic technologies design. To allow for a lively and inspiring interaction between participants, we have a mix of keynotes, short stimulus presentations, interactive sessions and a panel discussion.

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