The 3TU Empathic Lighting team welcomes students of the 3TUs (TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, Twente University) to collaborate on this exciting topic through (summer) internships, student projects, or MSc graduation projects.

Proejcts will be hosted at all three institutions; students will be advised by one main supervisor at the hosting institution and by a second one from a different institution.

Below is a list of the projects currently available at TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, Twente University.

Internships at TU Eindhoven
Internships at TU Delft
Internships at University of Twente

Internships at TU Eindhoven

Projects supervised by Alina Hudtgren, Assistant Professor in Human Computer Interaction at the Human Technology Interaction (HTI) Group at TU/e (these projects can be done either by TU/e Master students as part of the HTI research project course or as MSc. theses/internships by students from any of the 3TUs)

  • Diary study on contextual and personal factors that influence mood in seniors PDF
  • Trading autonomy for wellbeing? Automatic vs. controlled mood-enhancing lighting for seniors PDF

Internships at TU Delft

Projects supervised by Judith Redi, Assistant Professor at the Multimedia Computing Group at TU Delft (these projects can be carried out either as internships or as MSc projects, students from the 3TU and outside are welcome to apply)

  • Analysis of body posture for mood prediction from video PDF
  • Predicting Users’ mood from video using Long short-term memory recurrent neural networks PDF

Internships at University of Twente

Projects supervised by Khiet Truong, Assistant Professor at the Human Media Interaction group of the University of Twente (these projects can be carried out either as internships of as MSc projects, students from 4TU or other are welcome to apply).

  • Mood recognition and empathic lighting for elderly PDF
  • If you are interested in other assignments related to colors and emotion/mood, please contact me k dot p dot truong at utwente dot nl.