Preliminary Program 4TU NIRICT Symposium on Empathic Technologies
May 19th, 2017
Location: DesignLab, University of Twente

09:00  Welcome + Coffee
09:30  Keynote by Dr. Marc Hassenzahl – Form follows function
10:30  Coffee Break
10:50  Stimulus Talks: Dr.-ing. Anna Pohlmeyer, Karin Smolders
11:30  Interactive Session
12:30  Lunch (possible demo & posters)
14:00  Keynote by Dr. Hatice Gunes – Computational Analysis of Affect and Personality: From Empathic Architecture to Empathic Robots?
15:00  Stimulus Talks: Prof.dr. Dirk Heylen, Dr. Joost Broekens
15:50  Coffee Break
16:10  Panel / Discussion to converge  – with Prof.dr. Dirk Heylen, Dr. Joost Broekens, Dr. Hatice Gunes, and Dr. Jamy Li
16:45  Closing
17:00  Social Event